News: QLight 4000 Range

Post By in Blog Posts on May 27, 2015

Our innovative QLight 4000 Range was developed with a view to streamline treatment of highly polluted industrial and commercial waters by removing the need for multiple chemicals.

As a consequence it also,

  • Removes the need for complex metering equipment
  • Removes the need for Chemical Storage and Spill Containment
  • Reduces the Risk of Exposure to potentially dangerous and corrosive chemicals
  • Reduces the risk of Environmental exposure
  • Reduces Byproduct to landfill

With the ability to reduce difficult to remove Substances such as BOD, Ammonia, Sulfide, Emulsions, heavy Metals and Suspended, the QLight 4000 is making a difference in all applications of water and waste water treatment.

To find out more about this advanced range contact us on or 02 9960 3377