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Qtech Australia is a privately owned and operated Australian company. Established in 2005 as a service and maintenance business in the water and wastewater treatment sector, Qtech has since expanded its skills into designing, building and commissioning of water and waste water treatment plants and equipment for a variety of industries.

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Safe | Sustainable Solutions

Qtech Australia is focused on delivering safe, sustainable solutions by integrating existing systems with the latest technologies and optimizing the use of external resources.

Businesses both small and large are confronted with ever changing regulations, water scarcity and the necessity for improved water quality to meet higher environmental standards.

This can sometimes lead to complex, “add-ons” solutions with long term repercussions on resources, which is why Qtech Australia is committed to work with clients to develop more effective industrial water and wastewater treatment technologies and optimizing the use of external resources.

Approaching all projects with great awareness for safety, welfare, security and environmental impacts allows us to help manage risk for our clients as well.

Qtech was the first company in Australia to develop HACCP and Verification Process to recycle industrial waste water back into food contact processes assessed by NSW Food Authority. (read more)

At Qtech, we’re motivated to promote sustainable practices that are not only compliant, but make economic, environmental and social sense without exhausting or destroying our natural resources.