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Qtech Australia is a privately owned and operated Australian company. Established in 2005 as a service and maintenance business in the water and wastewater treatment sector, Qtech has since expanded its skills into designing, building and commissioning of water and waste water treatment plants and equipment for a variety of industries.

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Qtech provides consulting services to help companies optimize processes and identify operational hazards.

We audit workplace safety preventing damage to equipment, the public and the environment.

Qtech was one of the first companies in Australia to develop HACCP Process to recycle Industrial waste water back into food contact processes.
Reducing these risks can help improve productivity and quality.

Our experienced team is able to advice in the following areas, in order to ensure compliance:

  • Site assessment and preparation work for a new trade waste agreement
  • Advice on any need for additional sampling in connection with new legislations.
  • System Verification Plan (design and implementation) to assess system performance.
  • Plant Performance Evaluations and Recommended Improvements
  • Benchmarking
  • Risk Assessment

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